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Venezuela‐native, Dallas‐based fashion blogger turned designer, Vanessa Posner has created VENDALS;  series of ready-to-wear tops and unisex silk scarves all designed and made in Texas. Vendals is inspired by Posner’s experience of growing up in Venezuela and moving to Dallas. Each piece represents the different cultures, lifestyle and way of thinking in a complementing fashion.

The inspiration behind her designs goes back to the clashing of cultures to create something different, stylish and indulgent and affordable. Choosing to design her own prints resulted in a unique array of products that adds edge to each piece while keeping the simplicity of Dallas and Venezuela lifestyles. Growing up in Venezuela with a fashion designer as a grandmother, she was exposed at an early age and was immediately enthralled with high fashion. Creating her first design at just 10 years old, she had her sights set on becoming a creative entrepreneur. After dabbling in art and dance programs, Posner fell in love with fashion design after a trip to visit the Art Institute of Miami. That was her “a-ha moment” and from that day she never looked back.

VENDALS is created for the fearless go-getter and tailored to women who exude a love for fashion.

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